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Houston You Have a Problem: The Celtics

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  • What a satisfying win
  • Leon was gigantic: 21 points, 4 boards.  The Rockets had no answer for Powe, who really kept the Celtics in the game early on.
  • KG put the exclamation point on the win with a vicious dunk late in the game.  You'll see highlights of it for the rest of the season, and possibly on every KG as a Celtic highlight clip from here on out.
  • The team defense was tremendous, but TA and Posey especially did a fantastic job on McGrady who finished with only 8 points.
  • The game was tied at the half, 40 - 40.  The Celtics pulled away in the third quarter again.  Nice adjustments Doc and staff.
Boxscore | Recap

Hat tip to Po for the headline