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My Bracket Is Already Busted

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espntourney.jpgI should have known better than to put Coppin St. in the Final Four.

This is your last call for joining the CelticsBlog Tourney Challenge.  (I don't know exactly when the deadline is, but it is the last time I'm reminding you.  If you miss the cut, shame on you.)

You can find the ESPN Tourney Challenge here.

Sign in and search for the group named "" (naturally).

On a side note, in addition to my actual bracket, I added two more just for fun.  One is called "Clark - Chalk" and it is the "control" to this experiment - picking no upsets.  The other is called "Clark - Upsets" and it follows a formula of picking all upsets with the exception of the top 2 seeds in each region.  It will be fun to see which one does better this year.