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Daily Links 3/19

Herald   C's put an end to it      
Wolves owner:  KG tanked it     
Little love for Green     
Ex-Celtic Morey watches career Rocket     
Globe   Breaking news:   Celtics end it     
A tank shot is fired      
Guards handed out assists   "Celtics Gamenight" Coming to Select National Amusements Theaters    
CelticsBlog   Taking Celtics Pride to a new level       
LOY's Place    Comments from the other side - Rockets     
Celtics halt Rockets' streak      
Celtics 17    West best no match for East beast   Texas Triangle: Celtics - Rockets live blog
D is for Dominant           
Video:  Celtics give Houston a problem   
Thompson interviews Cassell     
ESPN   Rockets' remarkable streak at an end       
Celtics clamp down on defense to end Rockets' remarkable streak     
Stein's power rankings - Rockets #1  and Celtics #2      
Celtics 24/7   Celtics snap Houston's streak      
Club Yao    Without Yao and Landry, streak ends to Celtics   
With Malice   Celtics stop Houston, and hard        
More than Celtic Pride      
McKeon and Mongoose    Exclamation point    
The Sports Network     Celtics ground T-Mac, stop Houston's 22 game run     
The Wages of Wins  The best bench in the NBA and thoughts on the Earl Lloyd story     
Fox Sports Celtics don't back down from Rockets' challenge     
All good things must come to an end sometime     
Rockets and Celtics:  a pro/con list     
Sox and Dawgs   Celtics shoot down the Rockets      
The Shamrock Headband    Woo woo       
Houston Chronicle    Rockets' streak ends at 22 with loss to Celtics     
Rockets' streak not diminished by its ending     
Boston Now    East or West, Celtics are NBA's best     
Bleacher Report    I remember     
A 22 year old former dunk champ seeks work