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Sunday Games

I get a little nervous about Sunday games. That's partly because Kevin Garnett is on the record for not liking the afternoon start and partly because in general NBA players are creatures of habit. The earlier start time throws off those habits. Having the game on national TV helps mitigate that a bit as players tend to get up for those games. But the Celtics have played 9 Sunday games and only 2 of them were on ABC. Still the Celtics are 7-2 on Sunday games. Let's take a look back at them, in chronological order:

11/4/07: @ Toronto - The Celtics led by 11 after the third quarter and appeared to have this one, the second game of the season, under control. However, the Raptors battled back behind TJ Ford's 32 points, Paul Pierce missed a jumper at the end of regulation and it was up to Ray Allen to win it in overtime:

One more point of interest: Celtics fans did not catch the end of this one as the Comcast broadcast shut off well before the finale. I vaguely recall Comcast issuing a statement explaining what happened and exonerating itself. I don't want to link to that.

11/18/07: @ Orlando - The Celtics went into the game with an 8-0 record lost for the first time all season. This one was memorable for several reasons:

  1. Boston played its first truly atrocious half of the season and trailed 58-41 at the break.
  2. Rajon Rondo shot 8-9 from the field, several of which were mid range jumpers, and finished with 18 points.
  3. The Celtics battled back through physical play before ultimately coming up short, losing by 2. However, the game set a precedent that continues to this day: If a team is going to beat Boston it will have to work for it.
12/2/07: vs. Cleveland - LeBron showed up in civilian clothes and you could make the case that the rest of Cavaliers and the Celtics did not show up to play either, albeit metaphorically speaking. Still Boston got the 80-70 victory. Doc Rivers saw the same general malaise,
"There'll be no video on this game, hopefully. It was not a piece of art.'' - Doc Rivers

12/16/07: @ Toronto - The 112-84 beating the Celtics handed the Raptors has to take into account the fact that Chris Bosh did not play. Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce each played under thirty minutes and combined to score 54 points. James Posey went for 10 points and 10 boards and the Celtics improved to 16-2 on the season.

12/23/07: vs. Orlando - Rajon Rondo lit it up for 23 points and Ray Allen, Garnett and Pierce all scored 20+ as well in a decisive Celtics victory. Rondo really stuffed the stat sheet: 23 points (8-10 from the field, 2-2 from three point land and 5-6 from the line), 4 rebounds, 6 assists, 2 steals and only 2 turnovers.

12/30/07: @ LA Lakers - In the last game of 2007 the Celtics beat up on the Lakers 110-91 and swept the season series in the process. Paul Pierce scored 33 points and KG answered the bell with 22 points, 12 rebounds and 6 assists. However, neither the margin of victory nor any individual stats were the story of the game. Lamar Odom stole the show in a bad way:

Highlights from that brief clip:

  1. You can clearly hear KG yell, "Get that shit out of here."
  2. "And now an altercation between Ray Allen and Lamar Odom." An altercation? Odom tackled him. It was not even remotely a basketball move. Thankfully one of the announcers admitted it was a cross body block.
  3. "You can understand the technical on Ray Allen for the response." Actually no I can't. He was tackled and had to defend himself. Should Allen have let Odom drive his head into the floor or one of seats on the sideline? I'm still confused by that T.
1/27/08: @ Orlando - No KG. Big shot by Hedo Turkoglu. Further proof that if a team is going to beat the Celtics it will have to work for it. End of story. Although that was a ridiculous shot and you can make the argument that Turkoglu did a modified Sam Cassell dance.

2/10/08: vs. San Antonio - Once again no KG. This time the Celtics pulled out one of their biggest victories of the season. It was great to watch.  

2/24/08: @ Portland - The Celtics ended a three game losing streak, put together their first good offensive and defense performance of that West Coast road trip and beat a team they should beat. Also somehow Eddie House got away with this. That ain't legal.