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Game #58 - Open Game Thread: Celtics vs. Hawks

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Since Celtics fans didn't get to see Gerald Wallace live on Friday the NBA scheduling gods delivered a match up against the Atlanta Hawks and Josh Smith. Couple of points about this game:

  1. Tommy Heinsohn has disdain for the Hawks organization. It even came through last year when both teams played poorly. Listen for it tonight.  
  2. Explain to me why a team with Smith, Josh Childress, Marvin Williams, Al Horford (a relatively mobile big man), Joe Johnson and now Mike Bibby does not run and gun. They should be trying to push the tempo and beat teams up and down the court with those athletes. Anything has to be better than losing 8 of 11.
  3. Someone, perhaps the excellent Sekou Smith, has to write a book on the dysfunction that is the Hawks over the last several seasons. You know for stuff like this. And you wonder why Josh Smith does not have a contract for next season.