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Good News For Knicks Fans (Not a Joke)

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The Zach attack won't be back.  At least for the next two games.

Zach Randolph isn't on the injury report.  He isn't suspended.  He just "isn't going to be used."

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[Isiah] Thomas made it clear Thursday he's playing for the future -- whether he's a part of it or not -- by revealing the Knicks probably will not use Zach Randolph the next two games.

Fine with Thomas, who wants longer looks at players such as Randolph Morris and Wilson Chandler.

"This time of year, I think with the roster that we have, we need to take a look at the young players that we have," Thomas said, "particularly some that we have to make decisions on if we're going to keep contractually."

Awesome stuff.  Imagine if Isiah could have foreseen this sort of thing, you know, before he traded for Randolph.

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Admittedly, Randolph isn't a favorite here, and he probably never will be.

We have railed on him several times this year for his lack of effort on defense, inability to move the ball on and his tendency to completely stagnate his team's offense, even when he is scoring the basketball well.  We don't need to rehash all of that here, but the point remains that for all his gaudy statistics, he is probably one of the five worst players in the league to have in a prominent role on your team.

It will be a treat for Knicks fans to find out that he is sitting and that they will be able to watch the youngsters play without him.  A sad reflection on the season in the Sizable Apple, indeed.