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Two main reservations about Doc Rivers in the offseason were how he'd manage the veterans' minutes and how he'd juggle the rotation.  So far so good with the minutes.  Garnett is down to an amazing 33 min. per game and Piecre and Allen are both at or below their career averages.  As for the rotation, it looks like Doc has that set up for the playoffs as well.  (via the Globe)

Coach Doc Rivers has a defined playing rotation that will be intact throughout the playoffs and includes a center by committee. Outside of Boston's starters, guards Sam Cassell, Eddie House, and Tony Allen, and forward James Posey are solid parts of the rotation. But once starting center Kendrick Perkins goes out, Rivers will go with P.J. Brown, Leon Powe, or Glen "Big Baby" Davis based on the matchup.

"That again will be by committee all year, all through the playoffs," said Rivers. "There are certain matchups [that work better than others]. For example, in the Houston game I put P.J. in and right when he went in, I knew it was the wrong game, quick game, energy game. When I took him out the rest of the game, I went with 'Baby' and Leon instead of P.J. and Leon or P.J. and 'Baby.'

"So that's what's going to happen. One series might fit [Brown] and one series might fit 'Baby.' Leon is almost game to game with what they're going to give you."