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Rich Levine - WickedGoodSports

Fast-forward to last night and the Celtics opened the fourth quarter of a tight game in Dallas with James Posey, Leon Powe (a reserve duo that’s been dubbed "The Po-Po" by my boy B), Sam Cassell, Eddie House and P.J. Brown. That struck me as weird, but what I found even weirder was that I really didn’t have any problem with it. Sure I was wondering when the starters would be back, but I was hardly panicking.

Patrick Gilroy - BostonNOW

In an era where loyalty usually goes only as far as the zeros on a paycheck, Pierce is being rewarded for his loyalty to the Celtics in ways far beyond a few extra zeros. While the Celtics prepare from the playoffs, Paul Pierce can only sit back and smile. After all Allen Iverson is on the outside of the playoffs looking in, and Antoine Walker is on the inactive list for the worst team in basketball. Truth hurts!

Wages of Wins

Everyone understands that Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are the top two talents on this team.  Of the team’s 56.2 Wins Produced, 25.5 come from KG and Pierce.  But who is the leader of the rest?  If you answered Ray Allen, you should right now be hearing the game show buzzer in your ear.

Allen is certainly having a good year [0.166 WP48].  But the third most productive player on this roster is actually the Remarkable Rajon Rondo.