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This Outrage Will Not Stand

I played football in high school and senior year we stepped up to Division 1. For us to get games we had to travel pretty much every week. And surprise, surprise 4 teams scheduled us as their homecoming game. It didn't take a genius (good thing too because we did not have one) to figure out that they wanted to ensure victory on that day. And in their defense we were 5-5 the previous year at Division 2. Well we had a chip on our shoulders anyways and went 4-0 in those games, 9-2 on the season if you are scoring at home. What does this have to do with anything? Well if you are thinking that the NBA does not have homecoming games then you are correct. In fact the closest thing I can think of is the time Jalen Rose returned to Detroit for a game and said the following, "It must have been two in the morning 'cause nothing was open but hospitals, jails, and legs." Well played Mr. Rose, well played. However, there are still ways to insult a visiting team. And New Orleans has done one of those very things. Yes New Orleans' official website is reporting that Hugo the Hornet's birthday celebration will take place Saturday night. In fact I read somewhere, sketchy source so I didn't cite it or entirely believe it, that other mascots will be in town to celebrate with Hugo. This is outrageous. The Celtics must win to ruin Hugo's night. I feel strongly about this.