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Open Bron's Cap, Insert Feather

LeBron James reached his latest milestone Saturday night.

Less than five seasons into his pro career, he is now his franchise's all-time leading scorer.

From ESPN's report:

The All-Star forward passed Brad Daugherty as the Cavaliers' career scoring leader during the first quarter of Friday night's game against the Toronto Raptors. James entered the game needing five points to surpass Daugherty, and did it with one of his patented driving layups with 4:10 left in the period.

And in 168 games less than it took Daugherty, to boot.

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Ideally, I would have some really poignant thought here, but sometimes, it's the simple words that tell the story: Wow.

The youthfully crowned king just continues to amaze.

Congratulations, Bron.