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No Bunnies Harmed During Texas Sweep

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Sadly, this is late in coming, but I just happened to stumble upon the following message from my buddy J-Rog.  I'll presume it was sent shortly after the Celts' victory in Houston, and it certainly qualifies for line of the week in my book:

"Your team destroys dreams. Why don't you kick the Easter Bunny on Sunday?"

Full disclosure: J-Rog is an Arizona transplant and ardent Suns fan who also mans the desk on the ground floor of my building.  It seems he may be losing patience with my tendency to walk through the main lobby hollering "Celtics.  Houshamazoli.  Championship!" on a daily basis.

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For what it's worth -- especially for any PETA advocates out there -- so far as I've been able to discern, no animals, Easter-related or otherwise, were harmed in the Celtics' sweep through the Texas trio.  But thanks to J-Rog for providing some belated amusement in the wake of the Celts' difficulties in the Big Easy on Saturday.

And good to see that the C's are putting fear in folks around the nation once more.