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Fightin' Words From Stack to Spurs

The venom continues to head in the Spurs' direction from the rest of the league.

Last time around, it was Chris Paul and the Hornets getting into it with notorious trickster Bruce Bowen.

Yesterday, in the eyes of Jerry Stackhouse, it was Flop-Fest '08 with Manu Ginobili.  Stack was assessed the first of his two technical fouls after a skirmish with the Spurs' spark plug reserve.  As reported by Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News, Stack was less than thrilled about the way it all went down:

"It's nothing new with him," Stackhouse said. "He flails and falls and does a whole lot of that [stuff] throughout the course of the game, and it's always the second guy that gets caught. I think that's what they saw."

Sounds like some frustration from a tough dude on a team that has won none of its eight games against opponents with winning records since its new point guard came to town.

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As usual, it's hard to tell which side of the line is the right one here.

The Spurs have garnered a reputation in recent years across the entire league for using some shady tactics, with Ginobili and Bowen often being named as the prime culprits.  But the Spurs have also been better than everybody else over those years, and that tends to engender dislike from those around the league no matter how bad their sins committed actually are.

As is always the case with the black and silver, the truth about them will be told once more when we see what everyone has to say come playoff time.