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Daily Links 3/25

Herald   Philly has no love for C’s     
U.S. Soldiers steal show   
Sixers hit a big turnaround shot      
Garnett: Lesson learned     
Globe   Celtics give away a quarter, and Sixers cash it in    
Who is behind 8-ball?     
Various posts on the game in the Globe Celtics blog   
MetroWest Daily   76ers 95, Celtics 90: Garden surprise    
C's lack the necessary intensity   Live from courtside    
LOY's Place   Comments from the Other Side - Sixers           
Sixers beat Celtics 95-50 to avoid sweep      
Celtics 17   A loss at home to Philly - by design?   Power Rankings - Celtics back on top, Hornets move up to #2    
Full Court Press   Random thoughts and further reflections    
Assist of the night -  Rondo to Perk      
KG named Player of the Week      
Pruitt scores 29 in Flash win        
ESPN   Stein's Power Rankings - Celtics #1, Hornets #2    
Walsh to leave Pacers for Knicks      
Hoopsworld   76ers beat Celtics with 19-0 run    
Celtics return home after challenging road trip    
Celtics 24/7    Sixers down C's, continue to roll      
Depressed Fan    Sixers pass biggest test        
Up to the challenge?   
More perspective on the Sixers       
All Things Philly Sports    Sixers stun Celtics with huge comeback win    
Philadelphia Inquirer    Sixers shock Celtics with 19-0 run     
Dalembert sore but refuses to sit       
Worcester Telegram   Suddenly, Celts can’t finish  
Celtics notes                 
Sox and Dawgs   76ers run past Celtics     
Indy Star   It's all on Bird now    
Enterprise    Cheers aren't for the Celts       
Doc Rivers takes time to experiment      
You Been Blinded    Tommy Heinsohn thinkgs Sam and PJ are old and slow    
Patriot Ledger    Poor shooting let 76ers back in game vs. Celtics 
ProJo     Celtics let the Sixers overtake them           
Tony Allen happy just to be playing      
Red's Army    Send them a card    
Blame the starters    
Lex Nihil Novi    Rivers to keep pedal to the metal  
House of pain        
Wolves broadcaster calls KG a choker     
Daily Local   Sixers stun Celtics in Boston    
Shamrock Headband    Some things can't be said enough     
Parquet Wishes and Leprechaun Dreams   Celtics wackiness courtesy of Yahoo Sports    Sixers stun Celtics at home       
Metro   Expect nothing but A's for the C's