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The Donnie Walsh Plot Doth Thicken

What we know for sure is that Donnie Walsh won't be returning as the CEO of the Pacers next year.

After that, it's all pretty murky.

Early Tuesday morning, ESPN reported that Walsh was headed to the Sizable Apple:

Indiana Pacers chief executive Donnie Walsh will leave the team after this season and a source told ESPN late Monday that he will land with the New York Knicks.

Walsh is expected to sign a three-year, $15 million contract with New York at the end of this season to oversee their basketball operations division. The source did not know what would become of current Knicks president of basketball operations and head coach Isiah Thomas once Walsh joined the Knicks.

The Indianapolis Star reported later Tuesday that the Pacers think otherwise:

The Pacers today said CEO Donnie Walsh has not agreed to a 3-year, $15 million contract with the New York Knicks, contrary to a report on the Internet.

Walsh declined comment after the Pacers morning shootaround today, but Pacers spokesman David Benner said Walsh "hasn’t agreed to anything with anybody."

Mystifying stuff, indeed.

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We would feature more actual analysis here on the Knicks' future with Donnie running the show, but it seems wiser to save our breath until there is some closure to this deal.

For now, we'll stick with the self-evident truth:  His name doesn't start with an "I" and end with a "siah Thomas," so it's hard to imagine he would be anything but an improvement.