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Daily Links 3/26

Herald   C’s set for rising Suns       
Globe   Shaq finds his place with the Suns    
Defense played at this stop    Finally, Celtics back at it in Waltham       
CelticsBlog   How the other side thinks:  TS drops Suns knowledge      
Mail bag responses   Suns-Celtics preview         
ESPN     Which veteran should Big Baby study?       
Some things not so predictable      
Full Court Press    A second open letter to readers        
Baltimore Sun     New old faces      
Boston Now   Practice makes perfect       
Enterprise    Celtics looking to get back to winning ways     
Patriot Ledger   From the bottom         
Shaq working out well with Phoenix       
Hoopsworld    Celtics and Suns  look to bounce back     
Cassell's last chance       
Trade winners and losers      
7 News    Celtics at home against Suns   
Basketball Prospectus    The Celtics defense     
Anchor   Ready to renew the rivalry   1 on 1 with Glen Davis      
Yahoo Sports   Paul, West have Hornets poised for the Playoffs     
Wicked Good Sports   Danny Ainge interview with Greg Dickerson      
Tanguay's Take:  What, are you kidding?       
Red's Army    You mean snap judgements can be wrong?     
Lex Nihil Novi    1986 C's beat Sixers, move to 54-13    
Black Voices     Rajon Rondo is serious about roller skating     
Slam Online   Belated game notes - Celtics at Hornets    
East Valley Tribune     Suns look to continue mastery over Celtics   
Courtside View    Post-deadline from Sixers game   Leon Powe the best player from the 2006 draft?       
Philly Burbs     Plenty of work ahead after beating Celtics