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One Suns Blogger Scouts a Western Rival

As we mentioned in yesterday's Q&A with TexSUN of Bright Side of the Sun, I was somehow enough of a dunce to ask TS for some thoughts on the Mavericks rather than her beloved Suns.  Little did I know, the question had more merit than I thought.

Stunningly enough (well, not really), the "Tex" part of "TexSUN" represents her Texas origins. As it turns out, TS actually has some Mavs expertise to work with.

And a few barbs to boot:  "The truth is, I've hated them for the past few seasons (not so much right now...that would be like hating on a sick child)."


All that in mind, we figured we might as well unveil one Suns blogger's thoughts on the Mavs.

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From the deleted scenes portion of yesterday's discussion:

SW:  Give us a feel for the Mavericks this year.  What have been the top three themes or moments of the season thus far, and where do you think the Mavericks will end up in the Western Conference?

TS:  I saw the word "Mavericks" and nearly stopped reading. However, since our readers at BSotS came up with a 60-comment fan post about the Mavericks, I guess I should chime in just a little. My gut feeling all season has been that the Mavericks weren't as bad as their record made it seem--at least before they made the trade for Jason Kidd. At the time of the trade, they had the best record  in the West against fellow Western Conference teams, and it wasn't even close except in the case of the Lakers. It was the mediocre Eastern teams they mysteriously couldn't handle. Most of my fellow Suns fans begged to differ, though, and since I hardly ever watch the Mavericks, maybe I just caught them at their best in the handful of times I saw them play. But the trade for Kidd seems to have really thrown them for a loop. Then of course, the situation got even worse this past Sunday when Dirk Nowitzki went down. Right now, I'd say they have an excellent chance of getting a better draft pick than the Suns will get with that long-awaited pick from Atlanta.

Finals, top seed, first-round exit...lottery?  Could be quite the three-year run for the Little General et al.