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Green Bandwagon Turns One

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In all the excitement surrounding the Celtics/Suns showdown I completely forgot that yesterday was the one year anniversary of my first post at Green Bandwagon. I'm not entirely sure how to celebrate this event. However, in that first post I wrote the following:

"Welcome to Green Bandwagon. If you came from my old site, linked here through another SB Nation blog, or are just an incredibly confused environmentalist, I am happy you made it.  And whatever route you took to get here I encourage you to stay a while, register, and make this a regular part of your Internet routine."

Well it took me about eleven months but I finally started hitting the environmentalist demographic. Consider the following e-mails, which I received over the course of a week an a half. The names and companies have been removed but everything else is as I got it. Enjoy.

"I came across your website in a search for going green and thought I would write.

I work with (insert website name), the #1 website in the world for small business motivation and strategies with over 260,000 regular monthly business owner readers. We are creating a new section devoted to going green tips and strategies and would like to profile your website and provide information to our readers. Do you have articles offering advice that could be included?"

And then another...

"We are pleased to invite you to the International Geoscience Poll (IGP). The IGP takes part in a research project about education and Earth Sciences. The IGP is non-commercial, your answer is completely anonymous and your email will be NOT collected.

Contribute to Geoscience education: have your say on Geosciences!

Do you know the meaning of...?
(if you know the meaning of a certain element, tick the relevant box)

    * Archeology
    * Biology
    * Geology
    * Physics

Do you know what is ... ?
(if you know a certain discipline, tick the relevant box)

    * Geoarchaeology
    * Geophysics
    * Glaciology
    * Ichnology
    * Paleontology
    * Petrology
    * Stratigraphy
    * Structural Geology

Do you know what is...?
(If you know a certain element, tick the relevant box)

    * Dinosaur trackway
    * Moraine
    * Fossil burrow
    * Plate tectonics
    * Pyrite

Where are you from?

What is your level of education (completed)?

For some reason I enjoyed those e-mails as much as any post I've ever written, any interview I've done and anytime someone else linked to me. It's the little things in life. Like the beer can Christmas tree in The Program or the "Knowledge is Good" statue in Animal House. Here's to another year, bigger and better than the first.