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Shaq Shaky On Facts

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Peter May has a gem of a quote by Shaq today.  You aren't going to believe this one.

When O'Neal was done speaking to the media mass, I went over and asked him if I had heard what I thought I heard. Did he really say he'd take Stoudemire over Garnett, especially after Garnett had put a Ziploc bag on Stoudemire in the second half? We know that one of Shaq's missions in Phoenix is to bump up Stoudemire, but this seemed to be a bit far-fetched.

"They've got the same numbers," O'Neal said. "Yeah, I would."

For MVP? This year?


But Garnett is anchoring the best defensive team in the NBA and has totally transformed the Celtics.

"Garnett doesn't play defense," Shaq said.

After that, what was there to say? What games have you been watching this season? Garnett doesn't play defense?