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Mike Gorman Is Happy

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Mike Gorman answers some emails in his mailbag on WGS.  Including this one:

Name: Jeffrey Collins
City: Amesbury, MA

Hello Mike, I was wondering in your broadcasting career what has been your favorite season you have announced? Also what Celtic on our current team do you like to watch the most?

Mike: I think I just might be in the middle of my favorite season. I love the intensity with which this team comes to play with each night. Also I really enjoy calling defense more than offense, and this is the best defensive team I have ever been around. I love watching both Powe and Rondo play. Leon because he is such an overachiever and Rondo because of the flair he has for the game. That will only get better as time goes on. But if I had to pick one player it would be KG. Cowens and Bird have only matched his intensity on a nightly basis in the time I have been following the Celtics.

See the rest of the mailbag here.