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Primoz Pops Off Once More

Apparently, Primoz Brezec is still peeved about the way his tenure in Charlotte ended this season.

From the AP report:

"I've been in this league for seven years. People know what I can do," Brezec said, clearly agitated. "Sam Vincent didn't know what he got."

"I have no problem with Sam Vincent. I was just frustrated that he said that he didn't get 12 or 13 points from me that he needed," Brezec said. "Of course he didn't get it because I didn't get the ball. Come on.

"If you look at the teams back in the day, I got buckets, I got stops, I got rebounds. Don't talk about me if you don't know my game."

C'mon, dude.  Just let it go.

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To Brezec's credit, in the two of his seven seasons in which he received considerable minutes, he performed decently: 13.0 points and 7.3 boards to go with 51.2 percent shooting in 2004-05, and 12.4 points and 5.6 boards on 51.7 percent shooting in 2005-06.

That said, for a 7-foot-1 starting center, the scoring efficiency is good, and the scoring totals are decent, but frankly, the rebounding is far short of adequate.  Further, he has never blocked a shot per game or been known as a big time stopper in the middle at any point in his career.  The following season, Brezec began as a starter but saw his minutes cut significantly when all was said and done due to poor play, and the word from Charlotte is that this trend simply continued this season.

To recap: The man has only only earned big minutes in two of his seven seasons, and he was nearly adequate in those campaigns.  And his team won a total of 44 games total in that span.

Any time Prim wants to move on would be not a moment too soon.