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Being MVP Ain't Easy

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I was all set to write an article about how KG has slipped in the MVP race and how hard it is for players to actually win the MVP award with all that can happen in a season.  But it looks like Peter May beat me to the punch.   Some out-takes:

We've been hearing it now for a while. Somehow, Kevin Garnett no longer is a consensus choice for Most Valuable Player because he (a) had the temerity to suffer a serious injury for the first time in his career and (b) his team had the temerity to win seven of the nine games he missed.

If you want to give the MVP to the guy with the best numbers on a pretty good team, then Garnett is not your guy. If you want to give it to the best player on the best team, to an individual who has transformed a franchise and brought the word "defense" into the daily discourse without the need for a laugh track, then he still has to warrant serious consideration.

I suppose all that matters is who hoists the Finals trophy at the end of the year (right Dirk?), but it would be nice if KG won back the support of the voters by showing just how "valuable" he is to this team by leading them down the stretch.  Then again, KG already has one MVP trophy.  I'm sure his eyes are on the trophy he doesn't have yet.