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Herald   Celts make stretch run     
Passing grade for Perk     
Forward progress       
Rondo will welcome Cassell      
Globe   Celtics handle Hawks      
Garnett's best-case scenario     
Some travelling by this guard?   Post ups notebook - live game blog      
LOY's Place   Comments from the other side - Hawks      
Bigs feast as Celtics beat Hawks       
Celtics 17   Hawks pierced by C's    Block of the night - Kendrick Perkins       
Hoopsworld   Celtics win, Pierce gives Hawks credit       
Up close with Sebastian Telfair      
Worcester Telegram    Don't forget about Garnett       
Perkins coming along      
Perkisabeast   Bask in our sensei's beastliness      
Enterprise   Garnett returns to form     
Pistons visit to the Garden a playoffs preview      
Metro   Celtics top Hawks      
Cassell deal close   
Southcoast Today    Signing Cassell would give Rondo confidence       
Atlanta Journal Constitution   Hawks done in by Boston's Big Three  
A sure shot?          
Patriot Ledger   Rivers remains Hawk at heart      
Connecticut Post   Perkins pivotal performance     
Sports of Boston   Celtics get past Hawks, look ahead to Pistons   
Detroit News   Suns never had a chance at luring Brent Barry to town, and other notes    
Wicked Good Sports   Mike Gorman:   No place like home      
Live Feed   Celtics set for playoff push with Cassell, PJ Brown   
NY Sun    Other losers could take picks from Knicks       
Sporting News   Celtics, Cassell not the best combo     
SSNN   Pierce:  new Celtics too intense      
Washington Post    Step right up for a great deal       
Bleacher Report  Why Detroit is poised to be the Beast of the East     
With new players, Celtics and Lakers start playoff hunt   
The Mighty Q   Today we embark on an adventure not taken since 1987   
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Lex Nihil Novi    Ray Allen, the surgeon