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Sam clears waivers, reportedly now a Celtic

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Steve Bulpett with the good news :

Sam Cassell has cleared waivers, and while he is still a virtual certainty to become a Celtic, the club isn’t rushing things.

The current plan is for the free agent point to fly to Boston some time tomorrow and take a physical. He will not, however, practice with the Celts tomorrow.

His first appearance in Celtic gear will most likely be at Wednesday’s morning shootaround.

Sources are giving no indication on when Cassell will play his first game here, but Wednesday night’s duel with Detroit might be pushing it.

And Peter May with more :

The two-time NBA champion is expected to sign a contract with the Celtics tomorrow afternoon.

But through a team spokesman, Celtics general manager Danny Ainge said he expects Cassell to be a member of the Celtics.

Cassell is expected to be at the Celtics shoot around on Wednesday morning and is also expected to talk to the media then.

Too bad that he most likely won't play against Detroit, but the most important thing is that Sam is on his way. 

UPDATE:  According to Cassell's agent, it's a done deal.  The Celtics say, not quite , but "we anticipate him being a member of the Celtics".