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More Kevin Durant

In my last post I linked to a Kevin Durant YouTube clip that had a strong Delonte West cameo. Well I haven't mentioned Durant too much on this blog, mainly because the Celtics have been so good. But after the Heat scored 62 points in a loss now seemed like as good a time as any to seek out a diversion. Two observations.

  1. In hindsight the NBA should have chosen Greg Oden over Kevin Durant for the commercial where Durant takes off all the basketball jerseys he has played in throughout his life. You know this commercial. The final shot shows him walking into a NBA arena wearing a Seattle SuperSonics jersey. Granted one could point to the fact that Oden hasn't played this season. Although I think that's a lot less awkward than the whole Seattle/Oklahoma City debacle.
  2. The blog Odenized has been posting a lot of YouTube posts lately. This one focuses on Durant injuring Raja Bell. I love how the announcer blatantly ignores Bell's take on the injury and then passes off the diagnosis as his own. And yes Odenized is the king of YouTube clips right now. I dare you to try and top this masterpiece. Seriously, you can't.