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Calm Before The Storm

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Steve Bulpett sums up the rest of the schedule nicely.

After dusting off a pair of Western Conference contenders by 20 points apiece, the Celtics [team stats] find a schedule that better resembles an exhibition slate leading into the postseason.

Of their 10 remaining opponents, just one (Washington) currently has a winning record. In fact, the Celts will meet the East’s bottom six teams during this stretch, with Milwaukee on tap twice.

All that is left for the C’s is clinching the best record, and they have a six-game lead over Detroit entering last night’s play. The fact the Celts hold the tiebreaker against the Pistons makes their position even more solid.

Also, it is nice to hear that one more record might be set this year (via Peter May) :

Kendrick Perkins, who probably more than anyone has benefited from the arrival of Kevin Garnett, is on pace to break a Celtics record that has stood for 27 seasons - Cedric Maxwell's field goal percentage mark of 60.9, set in 1979-80. Asked about possibly being supplanted by Perkins, who is shooting 62.3 percent, Maxwell said, "Has he done it yet? I've still got my hexes that I'm saving for layups." Max then got serious, saying, "Look, you have to feel good for him. You can see the change in his game and his confidence. He finishes plays around the basket now. Then again, if he stopped putting the ball on the floor, he might shoot 70 percent." Is Max upset that his mark might fall to a player who doesn't shoot from beyond 2 feet? "Not at all," he said. "Neither did I."