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Daily Links 3/30

Herald   C's hit easy street      
Sun not the only thing sinking in West     
Amare enters love Shaq      
Globe   Challenge for Celtics is motivation     
Being benched would be OK       
Heat Thumbnails     
CelticsBlog   Baffled by instant gratification coaching standards    
LOY's Place   Random thoughts 3/30    
The Ledger   League MVP honor still up for grabs    
Enterprise   Celtics should cruise through rest of regular season    
NY Post   Grizzly situation      
Patriot Ledger   The magic number is 5 for Boston to gain the home-court advantage  
Eagle Tribune    Risk pays off as Rondo surpassing all expectations       
Courtside View   A nightly fight for playing time     
Poisonous Paragraphs    29 up, 29 down aka the quest for #17 continues   
Our Endless Season   Bring on the Washington Generals     
Celtics 17   C's pass final test      
Red's Army  KG might be a little crazy  
Reduce minutes win games  
Addicted2Sports   What is an MVP?    
Shamrock Headband  Daffodilling      
Lex Nihil Novi   Pistol calls it a career