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Tommy needs your help!

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About a week ago, Jeff posted a link to the "Basketball Bedlam" tournament over at Ball Don't Lie, and asked all of us to help Tommy Heinsohn and his famous "Tommy points" to victory in the first round.  With the help of the membership of this blog, Tommy cruised to a come-from-behind victory against David Stern.

It's that time again.  Tommy is competing in the second round against the "Where amazing happens" advertising campaign.  While it's an interesting ad, we all know it's going to be replaced by the next big thing next year, while Tommy is legendary.  Tommy is way behind right now; with 500 votes counted, he's losing 79% to 22% (the computers at BDL can't do math).  Let's all do our civic -- and Celtic -- duty and even things out.

Vote here.