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Simmons Demands You To Read This

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Bill Simmons:

Back in April '06, I wrote a column about getting billed for Clippers tickets that included an extended section about Sam Cassell's brilliance and all the "little things" he does for a basketball team. I demand that you read it if you're a Celtics fan. Maybe Sam is at the tail end of his career, but his spirit and personality remain as strong as ever, and I don't think people back home fully realize how many unique things Sam does during the course of an NBA game, or how much fun they're going to have watching him play on a game-to-game basis. You can't overstate how big the Cassell and P.J. Brown signings were for the Celtics; in the span of 48 hours, I went from thinking they were destined for a Round 2 exit in Cleveland to believing they can win the championship if everything falls right.

Alrighty.  Here's the link Celtics fans.  Simmons demands that you read!  (note: It is a pretty good read about Cassell)