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Daily Links 3/5

Herald   C's court an advantage      
Signs don't point to Cassell's debut      
It seems just like old times      
New big three vs big three   
Globe     Regular? No, it's extra-large     
Cassell knows role but can't act right away      
Pistons' hearts will be pumping tonight     
Re-match game        
MetroWest Daily   This one will settle score     
CelticsBlog   Q&A with Detroit Bad Boys    Post ups notebook - Tuesday practice     
Detroit Free Press   With Celtics looming, Amir Johnson stars in comeback win    
Connecticut Post    Boston-Detroit: Round 3         
Patriot Ledger     Celtics host Pistons without Cassell     
Rondo secure in his spot      
Hoopsvibe   Buyer beware: Celtics taking risk with Cassell     
Enterprise   C’s rev up for showdown with the Pistons   
Doc in no hurry to put Cassell on the court        
Boston Now   Celtics emulate the Pistons' consistency    
Celtics built for the playoffs (Gilroy)     
SportsWatchers    Celtics keep trying to prove me wrong    
Sports Thoughts   How the Celtics should handle Sam Cassell and the rest of their lineup   Atlantic Division report     
Fox Sports    Brushes with sports greatness:  Doc Rivers       
Sporting News   Celtics add veteran Sam Cassell         
Pocket Express    Ye olde Boston Cassell   Pistons relish having East leading Celtics as target    
ESPN     LZ's Cafe with Rajon Rondo      
Yahoo    Why Kobe Bryant is not your MVP     
Boston Daily    Welcome Sam I Am, now behave     
Lex Nihil Novi    The last championship parade      
Sichting getting his groove on for '86 C's       
Ali - Frazier III  
Bleacher Report    Second round gems        
Eagle Tribune    Nothing regular about C's-Pistons game tonight            
MLive    Ratliff happy to return to Pistons     
Courtside View    Cassell still on course     
Detroit News      Pistons use Celtics to measure selves