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Update On Usage Rate

Of the advanced stats occasionally championed in this space, usage rate has made more than its share of appearances. Usage rate takes into account field goal attempts, free throw attempts, assists and turnovers, and it is used here as at least a skeletal indicator of how much a player dominates the ball and dictates his team's offense.

That said, it appears that I have not been as precise with the use of that statistic as I would like to be.  Usage rates cited in the past here have used the interpretation of John Hollinger's stats page over at ESPN, which measures usage as the number of possessions a player uses per 40 minutes.  This can be problematic for the opposite of the reason why so many other advanced stats make such sense: Hollinger's usage rate doesn't seem to account for pace.

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Because each team plays at its own pace, different players have varying number of possessions available to them in the first place.  As such, it would seem more useful to create a metric stat as a proportion of a team's possessions used rather than as per 40 minutes. 

As such, thanks to some assistance from certain writing colleagues (hello, Tom Ziller), we'll be changing our primary use of usage rate to the usage percentage stat espoused by such sites as Basketball-Reference.

All that said, it's worth noting that this is no disrespect to Hollinger's work.  Usage percentage simply seems to be more viable for our purposes at this time.  I do intend to e-mail Hollinger as well as others in the statistics field in the days to come in an attempt to find out why he determines the stat in per 40 minute form.

Just doing our best to keep to it transparent here at CB.