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Daily Dime: 'The Better Team Won'

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Chris Sheridan points out the contrast of the two teams from last night:

Wallace's composure was near the breaking point as he practically dared the officials to give him a technical foul after the outcome had been decided, and Chauncey Billups' composure was lacking, too, when he picked up a fourth-quarter technical foul (coaches always tell players that if they're going to get a tech for complaining, don't do it in the fourth quarter) for arguing a chippy reach-in call.

The composure on the other side was an entirely different story, and it wasn't just coming from the three guys you expect it from -- Garnett (31 points, six rebounds, three assists), Paul Pierce (16 points, five assists) or Ray Allen (whose tireless defense on Rip Hamilton was one of the keys to the game that didn't show up in the stat sheet). Some of it came from point guard Rajon Rondo, whose emphatic driving one-handed dunk midway though the third quarter "brought the roof off the building," as Garnett said, and plenty of it came from Kendrick Perkins, who grabbed 20 rebounds, scored 10 points and blocked two shots in 33 rugged minutes.

In somewhat related news, before last night's game there were contrasting posts on the wonderful blog Ball Don't Lie.  Dwyer made the case for the Pistons and Skeets took up the Celtics cause.

Also, Fanhouse has some footage of that monster Rondo dunk.