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Daily Links 3/6

Herald    C's kiss em goodbye       
C's follow KG's lead     
Other two don't kid around      
Victory could lead to extra Garden party     
Surgery puts out Pollard     
Globe    Standing alone      
Here's hoping they do it again      
One regular-season loss won't defeat them     
Pollard done for the season      
Assorted posts in the Globe Celtics Blog      
MetroWest Daily    Win over Pistons no assurance of May success  Post ups notebook: Courtside blog       
From the Booth:  The snapshot      
LOY's Place   Perk beasts on the boards as Celtics beat the Pistons     
Comments from the other side - Pistons      
Celtics 17    Celtics leave no doubts   Play of the day:  Rajon Rondo    
ESPN   In battle of East powers, superior feeling grows about C's      
Celtics first team in playoffs after beating up Pistons     
Hoopsworld   Pistons/Celtics:  Forward thinking    
Celtics serve notice      
Fox Sports   Celtics make a statement    
Worcester Telegram   Proud Pistons are worthy foe for C’s     
Celtics are beasts of the East    
Cassell will cover Billups 
Celtics 24/7     Celtics down Detroit, clinch playoff spot        
Perkisabeast   Detroit, you have been Beasted      
MLive   Young Pistons learn from facing KG     
Stars of the Boston Game     
Slow start dooms Pistons at Boston     
Enterprise   Perk has game and shows it      
Celtics are East beast against Pistons   
Full Court Press    Thoughts on the win against Detroit  
The Onion    KG proves he can touch the rim       
Concord Monitor    Celtics wheeling and stealing     
The Sports Lounge    Celtics, Pistons destined to see each other again      
SouthCoast Today   Rondo fights to the finish    
Sports of Boston   Celtics clinch with clutch win       
Gloucester Times   An NBA rivalry is reborn     
Connecticut Post   Celtics grind out a win     
Detroit Free Press    Wednesday's game wasn't just another game     
Celtics win season series     
The Hero, Goat, and key play from Detroit's loss to Boston      
So much for the top seed in the East     
The Oregonian   Three stars the rule on NBA 's elite teams     
Sports Nation   Eastern Conference:  Looking into the crystal ball     
Pistons Palace  KG is B-A-D, C's down Pistons 90-78       
The Mighty Q    Celtics defend home court    
NY Times   Marbury seen at the Garden but it's not a welcome sight     
My Era My Words   Doc's remedy     
Shamrock Headband   Bestest game of the year so far     
Cavalier Attitude   Define MVP       
Wicked Good Sports    KG imitates Sam Cassell          
Enjoy it while it lasts      
Fan Boom     Cassell to the Celtics, is it the final piece?      
SSNN   Celtics sign ET to make Cassell comfortable    
The Roman Empire    Interview with Sam Cassell   Trade marks      
Detroit News   Celtics wrap up playoff spot and tiebreaker   
Pistons Nation   Celtics win rubber match    
Jay's Sports Blog   A huge win       
Boston Daily    Rajon Rondo grows up        
The Comment   Leader to the Promise Land?   
Empty The Bench   Beasts of the East (KG and Sheed)