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Miracle Ahead In Seattle?

Rumor has it that a marvelous occurrence could be brewing out West.

As reported by The Seattle Times:

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and wireless magnate John Stanton are among the local investors behind an effort to buy the Sonics and cover half the cost of a $300 million KeyArena expansion to try to keep the team in Seattle, sources confirmed Wednesday.

The proposed 50-50 split beats anything put on the table by Sonics owners. Even some usual critics of taxpayer subsidies for pro sports — including anti-stadium activist Chris Van Dyk and Seattle City Councilmember Nick Licata — say it could be a good deal.

At the very least, there is hope on the horizon.

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With Ballmer and Stanton in the picture, there is if nothing else the possibility of a plausible solution to save the day for pro basketball in Seattle.  Given how bleak that situation has looked of late, this is saying quite a bit.

As was noted in this space recently, it just wouldn't be right to see the Sonics leave Seattle.  Especially the season after drafting the man labeled the franchise savior in Kevin Durant.  Any and all avenues for keeping the team in town need to be traveled, and it appears that this one could reasonably be made to work.

Of course, none of this will matter if Clay Bennett follows through on his insistence that he is not selling what is, sadly enough, his team.

But for now, we can hope.