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"You Shouldn't Get Technical Fouls If You're David Harrison"

As those who read this page with regularity are likely aware, we'll take any chance we can get to show some love to former Celts (and current Pacers) coach Jim O'Brien.

The latest opportunity to do so stems from the tail end of the Pacers' 108-97 loss to the Spurs on Thursday.

As reported by the Indianapolis Star's Mike Wells, Indiana center David Harrison experienced a meltdown of sorts after being on the receiving end of a hard offensive foul from Matt Bonner:

Clearly frustrated after the play, Harrison, who has battled problems with his emotions throughout his four-year career, had to be told to calm down by his teammates on numerous occasions. He picked up a technical for reportedly making threatening remarks about Bonner to an official.
Pacers coach Jim O'Brien immediately took Harrison out of the game, but the Pacers center didn't stop there.
Harrison stood near the bench, still mouthing expletives in Bonner's direction on the court. Troy Murphy stood in front of Harrison to make sure he didn't do anything drastic, and injured point guard Jamaal Tinsley was trying to get Harrison to calm down.
Harrison was finally told to go to the locker room by an undetermined Pacers member in the final seconds of the game.
Harrison is a career scrub who has never been able to earn so much as 20 minutes per game over the course of a season, and is best known for getting charged in the infamous brawl in Detroit back in 2004 and for his drug-related five-game suspension earlier this year.  This only makes the following set of comments by Obie all the more on point.

O'Brien's thoughts on the matter were as follows:

"You shouldn't get technical fouls if you're David Harrison. I subbed for him, so his night was over."

It's good to see that in an organization rife with renegade behavior, the coach still has his head screwed on straight.  Always a good dude, Obie still has undying support in this space.