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Speak of the Devil: Changes Coming In Indy

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It looks like we at CelticsBlog weren't the only ones to be a bit disturbed by the behavior of David Harrison in the Pacers' loss to the Spurs on Thursday.

In a development far more pertinent to the actual team and Indiana fan base itself, the folks running the ship have finally run out of patience in the midst of yet another season of losing and embarrassing conduct both on and off the court.

As reported by the Indianapolis Star's Mike Wells:

The only thing Herb Simon guaranteed Friday about the Indiana Pacers for next season is that he and brother Mel will still be the co-owners of the franchise.

"We're talking about restructuring, re-thinking, all the things you do when your team is in crisis," he said. "We're going to be having a series of meetings and we're going to make changes, yes."
When asked what areas he plans on addressing, Simon said, "Everything but the owner right now."
"Ever since Detroit, we seem to have one problem after another," Simon said of the November 2004 brawl at the Palace of Auburn Hills involving Pacers players and Pistons fans. "But we've had 21 great years where we were a shining example in the community. Now it is my responsibility, and believe me, I'm going to get on it, to restore that kind of image of our team so we can all be proud of them and concentrate on winning and losing and not so much on outside incidents."
Kudos to you, Herb.
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Certainly, whether Simon will actually follow through on this declaration remains to be seen, and it could ultimately all be lip service for naught.  But it is still nice to see an owner who really cares.

Yes, Simon is a businessman, and yes, he realizes that if the community doesn't like the team's behavior, the likelihood is that he will be making less money (the Pacers are last in basketball in attendance).   But the man genuinely sounds as though he is taking accountability for what is going on and that he will be taking proactive steps to fix it.  Hard not to like that.

Sadly, however, the signs pointing to the end of Larry Legend's tenure in Indy are only coming into clearer and clearer focus.