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20K for KG, 18K for Ray Allen

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As if we needed any more reminders of what a special pair of players we brought in are:

Celtics forward Kevin Garnett joined an exclusive club last night, one that has only three other current NBA players as members. It might not be long until teammate Ray Allen joins them.

Garnett become the 32d player in NBA history to pass the 20,000-point mark during the Celtics' 119-89 victory over the Grizzlies at the sold-out FedEx Forum. Garnett scored 17 points in the game to give him 20,010 for his career.

"I got to start shooting the ball more to catch him," said Allen, who scored a game-high 23 to give him 18,002 for his career. "I got to start shooting 30 times a game. It's interesting because he always throws it in my face that he has more points than I do. I always tell him that I played in college, so I really have more points than you do."