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John Hollinger, All-Defense and the Celtics

So I stumbled upon John Hollinger's ballot for the NBA's All-Defense team. Immediately I was a little taken back by the notion that Chris Paul only achieved honorable mention status. But then I got so caught up in all of the Celtics shout outs that I didn't care. Check it out

Rajon Rondo - First team, point guard with no cracks about his jump shot. BOOYAH! By the way I bet you can't guess the second teamer. Trust me on this one.*

Tony Allen - Honorable mention, shooting guard.

Paul Pierce - Third team, small forward

Kendrick Perkins - Honorable mention, center

Kevin Garnett - First team, power forward/NBA Defensive Player of the Year

Now head over to Hollinger's post for the write ups.

* Keyon Dooling

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