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Three Pointers - 4/10

Oh, so that's what a loss feels like.  I had forgotten.

  • It was inevitable that a thread like this was going to be started minutes after the loss last night.  Call it reflex, human nature, or just overthinking, but some people lost sleep last night thinking about the loss.  Not me.  I just looked at the team's record and fell soundly asleep.  If Grande's numbers are right (and I have no reason to believe otherwise) then the Celtics are still on pace to break the record for fewest double digit losses in a season (last night was just the 3rd time this year).  Need I say more?
  • Of course I need say more.  I have two more pointers to go.  So sure, I'll admit that this team, like any team, has chinks in the armor here and there.  The reserves are not All Stars, ...that's why they're reserves.  So while they will show occasional stretches of greatness, they will also sometimes fade into the background or even have a downright bad game.  If a lot of them have bad games at the same time, it could cost us a game or at least put extra pressure on the stars.  It happens.  More often than not, however, I think they'll help us win some games.  I just wish Sam Cassell could get some more time to get used to the system.
  • On the bright side, I tend to think that this team will use this loss to motivate them to finish the rest of the season strong.  They've had their mini-break.  They won a game they didn't try winning (Bobcats) and lost a game they tried to win (Wizards).  Now it is time to get geared up for the playoffs.  Doc still has to walk the tightrope of rest vs. rhythm, but I think a few games at full speed are good practice for when the games "count" again.

P.S. Go vote for Danny to get Exec. of the Year.

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