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Daily Links 4/10

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Herald   Needy Wiz hold off Celts       
No need for Cassell to rush back     
Globe   Wizards handle Celtics     
Friends of Auerbach feast on the memories      
CelticsBlog   Three Pointers 4/10        
Zeke to Donnie:  Explaining what went wrong       
LOY's Place   Celtics fall under Wizards' spell once again      
Comments from the other side - Wizards  
Celtics 17    Celtics....lose?  What?      
5 hottest power forwards      
Celtics 24/7   Wizards down Celtics for third time      
Washington Times   Wizards gang up on Green     
Washington Post   A triple take for the Wizards         
In the playoffs, Arenas will be a reserve      
Wizards Big Three have the Celtics number  
Sports of Boston    Celtics turnover 16th loss to Wizards        
Green Bandwagon    Meet the Celtics again:  Kendrick Perkins    
Bleacher Report   Rivers blows chance at Coach of the Year in loss to Wizards  
Sports of Boston    Celtics Four Point Play        
SLAM Online   Slam's Finals predictions     
USA Today    NBA bounces back from summer scandal   
Simon on Sports    Eddie House apparently teaches children a valuable lesson     
Our Endless Season   The Eastern conference where not every game counts    
Shamrock Headband    Wizzed on      
Lex Nihil Novi   Garnett screams like Tarzan but plays like Jane     
1986 C's loses to Sixers, fall to 64-14      
Latest in the MVP soap opera       
Hardwood Paroxysm    NBA Blogger Season Awards    
Red's Army   I don't like this at all      
Metro    Wizards edge C's     Isiah will finish the season with the Knicks, future uncertain        


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