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Hollinger: KG, Rondo 1st Team Defense

John Hollinger is back with more fun (to argue about) statistics.   This time he tries to quantify defense, and since he has nothing but high praise for the Celtics, I can't say that I have any arguments.

You knew KG would get first team at Power Forward, but it is a pleasant surprise to see Rondo get the nod at point guard.  Here's the blurb:

First team: Rajon Rondo, Boston (5.94)
A second-teamer last year, Rondo deservedly moves up to the first team this year. He's as quick as any guard in the league, and his long arms make him an absolute pest to opposing point guards. Plus, he has the size to handle bigger guards in switches.

Last season, he had the best per-minute numbers at the position, and this season, he was second, so the numbers back up what the visuals tell me.

Pierce got third team at SF (behind Prince and Bowen) and Tony Allen and Kendrick Perkins each got a nod  for honorable mention at their positions.  Not too shabby and not too surprising for the top defense in all the land.

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