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Name The Portland D-League Affiliate

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Maine has approved a lease paving the way to bring a D-League team to Portland.   Indications are that the team will wear green and white and most assume that it will be affiliated directly with the Boston Celtics.  You know that there's going to be some kind of naming effort, so Roy Hobbes has spearheaded an effort to beat them to the punch and offer up our not-so-humble opinion of what it should be.  Here are some finalist names to consider and vote on (poll on the right).

Portnbdl_logo.jpgland Celtics
Portland Shamrocks
Portland Leprechauns
Portland Schooners
Maine Attraction
Portland Lobstermen
Portland Green Pride
Portland Maniacs
Portland Evergreens
Portland Moose

Feel free to add your own write in suggestions below.