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Daily Links 4/11

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Herald   Focus factor for C's      
Finalists 2 legit to quit now     
Globe   Celtics own prime real estate     
CelticsBlog   NBA previews review:  Atlantic Division     
Aboard the Pacer wagon for the final East spot      
LOY's Place   Random Thoughts 4/11   
Celtics 17    The case for KG as MVP       
ESPN     Don't count out the Pacers just yet     
Who brought the D this season?      
Sports Blog    Tim Duncan overrated now     
Detroit Free Press   Why Rasheed Wallace is underrated on defense     
NY Daily News   Isiah Thomas playing self defense against Donnie Walsh 
Salt Lake Tribune    Flash form model for D-League  
Bullets Forever    I want to see those guys again         
Le Cavs    Till the death!  The Cavs best rivalries        
Enterprise   Celtics relish home cooking   
USA Today    Bryant, Paul make their cases for MVP in tough West        
Indy Cornrows    Why the Celtics should play to win against the Hawks       
Bleacher Report   And the winner is          
Our Endless Season    The Wizards (for some reason) own the Celtics     Arenas goes silent       
The Sports Beat    Celts key to success:   Outscoring opponents    
Give Me the Rock    Who to play and who to sit:  an Eastern conference rundown    
Truth About It   Wizards Celtics react quotes:  a taser is born?       
Basketbawful   Worst of the night    
Parquet Pride   Spinning the playoff bottle     
Lex Nihil Novi    Walton and Wooden health update    
The Wizards and their wizardry       
Speaking of Wizards, what about the one from Westwood?     

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