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Dirk Nowitzki and the German Jersey Pop

On April 7th Marc Stein ran a Daily Dime on Dirk Nowitzki and his Mavericks kicking their way back into playoff contention. The post included Dirk's goofy attempt to pop his jersey:

"Dirk Nowitzki stumbled about 18 times by his own count as he drove left, gathered himself with one crucial step to rattle in a fallaway baseline dagger out of nobody's textbook, then showed us his truly unorthodox move.

Nowitzki didn't pop his jersey in celebration. He tugged it from the bottom.

Instead of grabbing it at the top to puff out the DALLAS on his chest, like Kobe Bryant and everyone else does, Nowitzki commemorated the biggest basket of the Mavericks' season by pulling tightly on his shirttail, trying for the same effect.

'I was too hyped up,' Nowitzki said later with a laugh, 'to even know what I was doing.'"

Well Dirk was at it again last night with a clutch game winner and what will be known from this point forward as "the German jersey pop". Am I the only one who thinks Dirk isn't getting enough credit for coming back so quickly and getting his team into the playoffs?

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