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RJ Masters the Media Game

The New Jersey Nets seem to be mired in a state of confusion.

They aren't a very good basketball team.  They aren't a basketball team with a set direction to go.  They aren't really sure who their cornerstones are.  So on and so forth.

But if nothing else, their leading scorer deserves credit for continuing to say the right things and keep working through it.

As reported by Julian Garcia of the New York Daily News:

"This is not a reflection type thing," [Richard] Jefferson said. "This is not a moment you sit back and stare at all the things that have happened. We've had a struggle this season, didn't play the way we would have liked. It's been disappointing. We got Devin and those guys, it took us awhile to click and we still haven't gotten into a rhythm and here we are."

"Your guess is as good as mine," Jefferson said when asked what changes may occur. "Three years ago I was surprised I was here, so who am I to judge the direction of the team? I don't try to do other people's jobs."

Seems like a cue best taken by athletes around this country.

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It's hard not to like this guy.  Jefferson is consistently well-spoken, never complains and always seems to be working hard on the floor.  Even in his break-out season as a scorer, he has managed to keep an even head, and with plenty going wrong around him in Jersey, he has continued to show up to work every day with nary a word of displeasure or pressure on the front office.  Perhaps this shouldn't be so refreshing, but it is regardless.

Sure, it would be nice if Jefferson was a bit more productive outside the realm of scoring -- his 3.0 assists and more pressingly his 4.2 boards leave plenty to be desired for a 6-foot-7 small forward, and he isn't a lock-down defender.  But he plays a nice all-around game and could flourish somewhere else as a complementary part.  Here's hoping for the best for him. 

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