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Meet the Celtics Again: James Posey and Gabe Pruitt

In my quest to finish these profiles by Friday I had to run two again today. Also for the first time I broke alphabetical order, as it did not make much sense to talk about Posey and Powe on one day and Pruitt and Scalabrine the next. If I did it that way there would be a noticeable length discrepancy, amongst other problems. Enjoy.

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Player: James Posey
Strengths: Versatility, defense, three point shooting (kind of), championship experience, chemistry guy, takes charges, in general annoys other teams.
Weaknesses: I can see how you would wish that his offense was more reliable at times. That's fair. And when the Celtics go small with him the squad suffers on the boards. But as a role player, particularly one that relishes the role, he does not have a lot of weaknesses.  And his versatility is key.
Go to Move: He does not have many moves, partly because of his shaky and handle and partly because of his struggles to shoot with a hand in his face. However, Posey is adept at cutting to the hoop for lay ups/dunks, particularly after hand offs from KG and hitting wide open threes. Emphasis on wide open. He also looks to get out in transition and finish.
What a Difference a Year Makes: By all accounts the 2008 season in Miami has been a disaster. That happens. Well 2007 wasn't much better, even with the playoff appearance. In hindsight we should have seen the ship sinking. More importantly Posey is probably enjoying his time in Boston more after some struggles last season. Also based upon that article I think it's safe to say that Glen Davis won't land in Miami when his contract runs out in 2009.  
Shining Moment This Season: Both times the Celtics traveled to Chicago where Posey is universally hated. Stay with me on this one, I've thought a lot about it. There's a big difference between a hard foul and a foul that could lead to an injury, even if the NBA now chooses to confuse the two. The foul on Hinrich was probably the latter. The one on Deng definitely was. Still Posey's arrival in Boston a) gave the team a guy outside of the starters that will step up if possible even if that means a suspension and b) signified that Boston was on the rise because he wanted to play for a winner. Think about it. Opposing fans had no reason to boo the Celtics last season. In the big picture the Posey signing was a key part in changing the culture in Boston and winning 60+ games. Not anywhere near KG's arrival, but important nevertheless.
If not in Boston which NBA team would make the most sense?: I really think he'd bring a lot to Toronto. They're a team that has struggled mightily of late and may have taken a step back from last season. Posey's experience, versatility and toughness would definitely help.
Random Point of Information: Posey and Eddie House have to be one of the more interesting bench duos in the NBA. Granted no one can compete with DeShawn Stevenson and seemingly anyone else in Washington's second unit. But with Posey as the straight man and House as the prolific talker the two have taken handshakes to a whole new level for the Celtics. Great guys to have around.
Contract Situation: Posey has a player option next season that would give him just over a $250,000 raise. However, Doc Rivers has admitted that the Celtics begged Posey to sign in Boston for less than market value. Will he be willing to do it again?

Player: Gabe Pruitt
Strengths: He's not a afraid to shoot, is a solid defender according to Tommy Heinsohn, is 6-4, is supposed to be a good three point shooter (2-11 in limited time this season) and is an athletic guy.
Weaknesses: Is more of a scorer than a passer and after a full season we really can't evaluate him. That's not good.
Go to Move: Too early to tell. If I had to wager I'd say it involved shooting.
What a Difference a Year Makes: Last year Pruitt was a key member of a Trojan team that fell to UNC in the sweet 16. He spent this season bouncing back and forth between Boston and its D-League affiliate, the Utah Flash.
Shining Moment This Season: None. He did dress well for a rookie though.
If not in Boston which NBA team would make the most sense?: Hard to tell.
Random Point of Information: USC's version of Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles?
Contract Situation: He is signed through 2009 but unlike Glen Davis (second rounder from the same draft) the C's have a player option on Pruitt for 2010. I see summer league basketball in his future. Outside of that I have no idea what to expect from him next season.

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