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Three Pointers - 4/15

Some points to ponder as you continue to procrastinate on your taxes.

  • I was all set to watch the game, get involved in the chat, post a picture after the game, and maybe do some game analysis last night.  But Doc approached me before the game and said "I think we're going to take it easy tonight.  We won't be playing KG, Paul, or Ray, so I'm gonna have you sit this one out too.  Rest your fingers and stay off the couch for a few days.  Maybe go outside and breathe some fresh air while you still can.  I want you fresh for the playoffs and I don't want to risk carpel tunnel on a game against the Knicks."  So I took his advice.  I didn't watch last night.  I didn't even DVR the game.  And you know what, I feel great about it.  Thanks Doc.  You really are a players coach!
  • In other NBA news, the Warriors drew the short straw out West and won't get to play in the big dance.  In the East, the Hawks drew the short straw and have to play the Celtics in the first round.  It says here that the Pacers dodged a bullet.  They get a shot at the lottery and at worst the 11th pick in the draft instead of a first round trouncing and the 15th pick.  Well played Larry, well played.
  • The Hawks shouldn't be overlooked, but I really don't know who I want more in the 2nd round.  The Wiz give us fits and the Cavs have King James.  Pick your poison.  Then (theoretically) it is the Pistons.  The road to 17 won't be an easy one.

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