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Introducing the CelticsBlog Shop!

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shop.pngWe're proud to introduce to you the CelticsBlog Shop!

Now you can show the world what your favorite Celtics website is and look good doing it!

golf.jpgYears ago we wanted to offer T-shirts, but we never could quite find the right way to do it.  We made a decision that if we were going to do this, we'd do it first class, and I think this shop is exactly that.  We're not talking just a few T-shirts.  We're talking sweaters, golf shirts, hats, coffee mugs, and much more.  There's over 1,000 products types and variations!

One of the best parts is that we're not even done.  In the coming months we'll be able to add even more products and styles to the store.

mug.jpgCan't wait?  Want a different style right now?  We can take custom orders!  For instance, if you want your username printed on the back of your T-shirt, we can do that! (with a processing fee)   Please fill out the form completely and be very specific on which item you want and what specs you'd like.

Notice too that there is a $5 coupon for orders of $50 or more.  Just enter the coupon code at checkout!

Take some time to click around the shop and dig deep.  There's something in there for everyone.  Click here to start shopping or read more about the shop after the break.

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CafePress is a leading custom design retailer that offers a 30 day money back guarantee on all its products.

All designs and logos are trademark and copyright property of and should not be used by anyone but CelticsBlog.

Many thanks to Bob Day who spearheaded this effort and put together a fantastic layout.

Many more thanks to the CelticsBlog community for your support and encouragement since the very beginning.

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