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Daily Links 4/15

Herald     After appetizer, C’s get hungry for main course      
Masters champion gives Green halftime pep talk      
Hawks like their chances       
Globe     Celtics don't miss a beat        
Receiving advice from a master     
Chat today with Eddie House at noon eastern 
CelticsBlog   NBA previews review - Central division      
DeShawn lures us in        
CSN Celtics telecasts earn Emmy nomination       
LOY's Place   Comments from the other side - Knicks       
Celtics bench comes through again, beat Knicks 99-93     
ESPN    Who is the league's 2007-08 MVP?        
Playoff push:  East all set, West almost there      
Power Rankings - The commissioner's dream - Celtics 1, Lakers 2 
Hoopsworld    Melo pulled over for suspicion of DUI       
Celtics rest Big Three,  top Knicks    
The Celtics real MVP   
Celtics 24/7       Sans Big Three, Celts win 65th at MSG     
Yahoo Sports   Isiah tried to con Knicks more than coach them     
Sports of Boston    Celtics sweep season series against Knicks     
Patriot Ledger      NBA commissioner uses Celtics as example of how to build    
Deadspin    NBA playoff guest list is ready, guess who's not invited     
Atlanta Journal Constitution    Believe it, Hawks are headed to the playoffs    
Connecticut  Post   Celtics subs sink Knicks' ship
    Power rankings:  Celtics 1, Lakers 2        
NY Daily News     In likely farewell to Isiah, MSG gives away free food      
Sox and Dawgs     Big Three rest as Rondo leads C's to win     
Eagle Tribune     MVP race too close to call       
Newsday       End looks close for Isiah as Celtics top Knicks       
Live Journal    Top 10 best NBA nicknames      
NY Times   Fans eat free and chew out Thomas     
TrueHoop    The numbers:  Kevin Garnett is snuffing them out     Garnett, Iverson named players of the month   
Red's Army   Oh man.... What if this is it?      
Dear Atlanta, keep dreaming        
Green Bandwagon    Meet the Celtics again:  Paul Pierce and Scot Pollard   
Meet the Atlanta Hawks        
Lex Nihil Novi    Plus or minus stats say Big 3 are the best     
Can we still call it a repeat after 22 years?    
Paul Pierce may peak in the playoffs        

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