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CelticsBlog CafeShop Launch Sale!

We're pleased to anounce our first sale on CelticsBlog. Something about stating that just seems so peculiar doesn't it? On the other hand, it's a real pleasure to be able to say so. It has been a long time coming. So here at the end of this grand, regular season on of all days, Tax Day, we are going to celebrate our new store launch with an across the board price discount on twenty-three product categories members have expressed interest in from time to time. Here's the list...
  • Men's Organic Tees: 24.99 > 22.99
  • Men's Long-Sleeved Tees: 27.99 > 25.99
  • Men's Long Sleeved Dark Tees: 29.99 > 28.99
  • Men's Golf Shirts: 22.99 > 19.99
  • Women's Cap Sleeve Tees: 24.99 > 21.99
  • Women's Long Sleeved Tess: 27.99 > 25.99
  • Women's Long Sleeved Dark Tees: 29.99 > 28.99
  • Women's Maternity Tees: 32.99 > 31.99
  • Women's Maternity Dark Tees: 29.99 > 28.99
  • Women's Plus Size V-Neck Tees: 32.99 > 31.99
  • Women's Plus Size Scoop Neck Dark Tees: 29.99 >28.99
  • Junior Jerseys: 29.99 > 26.99
  • Kid's Light Tees: 20.99 > 19.99
  • Kid's Dark Tees: 22.99 > 21.99
  • Infant/Toddler Tees: 16.99 > 14.99
  • Infant Bodysuits: 14.99 > 12.99
  • Ball Caps: 18.99 > 17.99
  • Small Mugs: 14.99 > 13.99
  • Mouse Pads: 15.99 >13.99
  • Dog T-Shirt: 17.99 > 16.99
  • 3.5" Buttons: 4.99 > 3.99
  • 2.5" Buttons Ten Pack: 18.99 > 16.99
  • 3" Lapel Stickers: 34.99 > 32.99

We hope you enjoy browsing around, shopping in the CafeShop and these savings. Take advantage of the coupon in the store too. This will be our last sale until the playoffs (then we'll start a new one). It really feels great to us to be able to have this new way of connecting and sharing with this community, and insuring its future. That's what it is all about.

There are more items and designs coming. Next in line, new apparel for Juniors, Kids and Babies...and Puppies, not to mention new mugs and steins, and other fun stuff. Fun is a keyword in this whole endeavor. We want to have fun with this store and plan of doing just that in conjunction with all of you here. There's a lot we can do together through it.

A note on custom orders: as Jeff mentioned earlier, we can get your usernames/display names on the backs of any apparel or other item here, such as drinkware,  that supports back-printing. If you can come up with your original, CelticsBlog membership date either through your member profile or through other means (meomory?), then let us know. We would be happy to add, "A Member Since" to your custom item. Notice there is a menu link in the shop sub-menu for placing custom orders.

Please let us know what you think about the CB CafeShop, what you like and don't like, and perhaps what types of items you would like to see there. We are all ears. Again though, it is a pleasure to us to be able to bring this store to our community. We hope you enjoy it in the spirit in which it is given. It's nearly playoffs time. Anyone up for some competitions and some awards? Let's do some through the store. Like I said, we can have fun with this thing.

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