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Hawks Looking To Nab Face Time

Yep, come this weekend, we'll be seeing plenty of shots of...Mike Woodson!

As ESPN reports, the time has come for the Hawks' coach to make good on a promise he made to his players:

ATLANTA -- Mike Woodson figures an occasion like this should be marked with an extreme gesture.

So, before the Atlanta Hawks take the court for their first playoff appearance since 1999, the coach plans to shave his head.

For Woodson, it's a belated payback on a promise he made a year ago, trying to prod his team to the postseason. The Hawks didn't make it then, but they wrapped up the final spot in the Eastern Conference with two games to spare.

"I've never had a bald head," Woodson said before Tuesday night's game against Orlando, sounding a little worried but vowing to stick with his new look even after the playoffs.

Sounds like we'll be getting plenty of images of Woodson's likely shiny new-look dome.

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Cool, I guess.

Seems like a nice enough story.  Coach makes goofy promise to players to add some fun incentive, players do their part, coach does his.

For all the flak Woodson has caught around the league for his job in Atlanta -- and I know loyal reader Who will be peeved to see this -- it bears noting that he has gotten the team to the playoffs for the first time in nine seasons and seem to have a very nice rapport with his players.  For that, he deserves commendation.

Here's hoping the camera time is the only thing the Hawks still against the Celts.

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